Grind Salt And Pepper With The Ozeri Duo Ultra Grinder

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Products that help you in the kitchen are very important to have especially if you’re in the kitchen all the time like me. I am excited to share with you Ozeri’s Duo Ultra┬áSalt and Pepper grinder. This nifty grinder provides two sections where you can put your salt and pepper without them mixing when you use it. Ozeri provides many other kitchen accessories that are useful to have however, I chose this one specifically because I’ve never had one before. The dual grinder is very easy to disassemble to add your own salt and pepper and reassemble. It was a little messy pouring the salt and pepper into their separate sections but once they were in there they stayed in place.

The bottom part detaches from the grinder and you can affix it to the top to use as a funnel so you don’t make too much of a mess. It also makes it easier to separate the salt and pepper so the two don’t mix in the middle of adding. Thankfully Ozeri provides a step by step instruction booklet so you know exactly what to do with the product. Assembling is straight forward and only takes a second. I used the pepper side on my eggs this morning and it was very easy to turn the bottom (which you also use as the funnel on the top) around so it was just the pepper coming out. The freshly ground pepper added to my delicious meal, and the pieces weren’t too small or too big. They were just the right size.

I love this grinder! The bottom makes it easy to sit on the counter so it doesn’t slide all over the place, which is also nice. It grinds the right size and isn’t too big or bulky and no where near being dangerous.

You can purchase the Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper grinder on Amazon!

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