Get Help Doing Laundry With The Purex Laundry Help App!

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Have you ever needed a side kick to help you out when you do your laundry? Instead of going online and searching how to get certain stains out of clothes or trying to busy yourself while the laundry is finishing up in the dryer, simply download the Purex Laundry Help App and solve all of your problems. Seriously, go download it. It’s super easy to use, colorful and neatly arranged so it’s not confusing. You can find out how to get certain stains out of clothes by combining a category, the stain and what the material is and it will give you a solution on how to get it out. There’s also a section for product info, promotions, an awesome laundry timer, a mix-n-match game and a few other nifty little buttons you can click on that will help.





If you need to iron a nice pair of dress pants this app will help you do just that. Step by step from checking the tag to see what you can and cannot do to the fabric, to how to iron it. The laundry timer is useful as well! I always forget when my washer and dryer stop and I hate letting the clothes sit in the washer for too long. With this helpful part of the app you don’t have to forget! Simply set the timer and go on with your business. It will go off when it’s done to remind you to switch over to the dryer or when the dryer is done!




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