Get Creative With BIC Markit Permanent Markers

*DISCLAIMER* I received the items in this post for review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

bicmarkersIf you’re a crafter then this post will make you quite happy! Although I’m not much of an artist myself I do like to try new things when it comes to crafting. I have a small obsession with markers and BiC seems to make me happy no matter what I have from them. I’m here to introduce to you BiC’s awesome pack of Mark It Permanent Markers. These markers are not only easy to hold onto they mark incredibly well and are easy to control. Why not get to crafting with some amazing markers from BiC? You can use these markers on practically everything. From clothing to glass and even plastic and paper. I was lucky to get picked to review their large set of markers and the wooden block picture crafting kit.

My toddler wanted to use them however I will not let her play with permanent markers, especially not these ones. Instead I allowed her to pick out what colors she wanted me to use and also asked what she wanted me to draw. This was quite entertaining for her to say the least.

markersartcraftsThis set comes with three different sets of markers. The first one is all bright colors, second is darker and the third is pastels. All the colors needed to create an amazing design on anything you prefer. I colored on the wood blocks and although I’m not that much of an artist I like the fact that these markers bleed into the wood. All I did was press the marker down on the edge of the wood and it would bleed in less than an inch if that. The coloring on the blocks was quite fancy and although there are many designs you could do, BiC markers gives you many, many more! They’re easy to hold onto and incredibly comfortable when you’re designing. You could even use these on a regular piece of paper.

The fact that there are so many different colors in this pack helps for anyone looking for the correct color. Many times I find myself picking up a marker that fits what is in my head at the time. With this you don’t have to worry about not having that color!

pictureholdersI only managed to color one block but I kind of like the other ones plain. My art is not the best but it fits with my toddler’s photos of course! You can craft anything that comes to your imagination. If you take a peek at what BIC Markers website has to offer they have plenty of arts and crafts ideas that will go along with your awesome marker set. Below are just some amazing crafting ideas you can do with your children.

  • Bee Mine Valentine Day Card
  • New Years Eve Serving Tray
  • Leprechaun Flower Pot
  • We Believe in Leprechauns Sign

And so many more! So if you’re not sure what craft to do for each holiday or event then take a look at the huge list of what BIC Markers has to offer. I already know what I plan on doing for each event coming up with my toddler to get her more involved in crafts!

Would you like a 36-pack of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers? You can purchase them for $19.99.

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